What is your Daily Mix and Radar play in Resso Music Application?

Resso offers a personalized music experience for every user. When you sign up with the Resso for the first time, the music application asks a user to select their preferred music type from many music genres including classic, hip hop, pop music, jazz, electronic music, blues and many more you can think of. Moreover, the user is also asked to select their favorite hero artists from a list of countless options.

When you select your favorites music options, the app randomly suggests audio content related to your selection. For example, if a user selects hip hop and classic music, the app will suggest audio content related to hip hop and classic music genre.

You can tune in to any song from the recommendations and add them as favorites. Based on your listening history and experience, the Resso Music Application has a powerful built in A.I feature, which judges your music taste and recommends you new music.

There are two extra-ordinary playlists in Resso Application which recommends a user new audio-content daily depending on listening taste. You can check these playlists daily and find something new and latest each day to keep your listening experience fresh.

What is your Daily Mix?

For users who want to enjoy something new and unique each day related to their listening experience, Daily Mix in Resso Application is a stunning Playlist option for them. Created by A.I generator of Resso Application, this playlists suggest songs to users based on their past listening history and taste. If a user likes to listen calm and soothing music, the app will automatically suggest similar music experience.

You can find Daily Mix playlists in Home page of the app, a play button displayed at the bottom left side of the Resso Application. This enchanting Playlists gets daily updated and provide fresh content each time users press the play button. Moreover, the application allows users to make recommended songs as favorites. The user can also hide the song if the experience doesn’t go well.

What is Your Radar Play?

Radar is another playlist similar to Daily Mix playlist. This Playlist has mostly same features as Daily Mix. This audio playlists also recommends music to users depending on what they like to hear. Additionally, Radar Playlist recommends new and latest music options for you to provide fresh and updated content daily. You can find Radar Play in your playlists option. Feel free to listen unlimited songs and add them as your favorite.


Daily Mix and Radar, both are amazing playlists in Resso Application which recommends music, depending on users listening history. With these amazing playlists, users never get bored with the audio content and keep listening to unlimited songs. If you are also among the ones who is very choosy in term of music preference, then Radar and Daily mix is perfect for you.

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