How To Change Resso Password? (Easy Guide)

How To Change Resso Password?

Changing your password often for security reasons on any social media app is a good idea. This thing ensures that your account is completely under your control. If you use the Resso app and think the time has come to change your password, you are in the right blog post. This blog post provides a step-by-step guide, “How To Change Resso Password.”

Resso is a trending music streaming app in India with over 100 million users worldwide. The main reason behind its popularity is its free use without paying, but sometimes ads appear on your screen while listening to music. But if you want to get rid of these ads, you can go for the premium version, or the second option you have to use the cracked version of Rosse

In Resso, you can stream from a single device at a time. But if someone steals your password or hacks your account as he plays music, it will pause your stream. It will be more frustrating for you to start music repeatedly, although it will also bring changes in recommended music you get from the Resso. So you must change your password to ensure that any other applicants do not use it. Thus you agree to change your password, then follow the step-by-step guide. Read also Resso vs Youtube Music.

How To Change Resso Password ? (Step By Step Guide)

  • Open the Resso app on your mobile and login into your account.
  • Click on the profile icon on the screen’s top right side.
  • Click on “Setting” from the menu.
  • Now click the “Account” option, then tap “Change Password.”
  • you will get three portions to fill; in the first, put your current; in the second and third portions, you can put your new password.
  • Don’t forget to confirm the “Save” changes at the end.

That’s great! you have successfully changed your password but always choose a strong and unique password that takes work to guess.

How To Create a Strong Password?

A strong password is much needed for every individual using online accounts for their security. Here are some methods you need to follow while creating your passwords.

  • Use capital and small letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.
  • Avoid using your personal information like your name, phone number, habits, birth date, etc.
  • Try to use different combinations of words that are not easy to guess but easy to remember.
  • Most people use common words or things names, and please avoid using them.
  • Your password should consist of 12 characters.
  • Using the password generator to get strong passwords for your security is also good.

Using these tips while creating a password can help you to generate a strong password for your online accounts.

What about two-step verification?

We are sorry to say that the Resso app does not provide two-step verification to keep your account’s security tight. But there is one more option for double security: if you log in to the Resso app through your Facebook account, you can use “App Password” instead.

To create an app password for Resso, visit your Facebook account, go to Settings, then Security and Logins > App password > Generate app password. This is the alternative method of two-step verification.


With the help of this blog post, you can easily change your password, and you don’t need any technical expertise to do that. Changing your password regularly is a good sign of strong security that is essential for social apps like Resso.

This article provides a straightforward method, “How To Change Your Resso Password.” and also gives some important tips on choosing a strong password to increase the protection of your account. The Resso app lacks the most advanced security method of two-step verification. Following these steps allows you to enjoy your favourite music without interruption and security issues.

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