How to Download and Share Lyric Posters/Videos on Resso?

How to Download and Share Lyric PostersVideos on Resso?

Listening to music while reading lyrics in front of us makes us feel more connected to the song. Sometimes, the music alone can’t quite provide the same kind of healing to emotions that the words of a song can. Resso is a great platform where you can find lyric posters of all the songs available, so you can read along and experience the music. Moreover, using this amazing music platform, users can download and share the Lyric Posters with others also.

In this article, we will help you learn how you can download and share the lyric posters or videos with your friends and family. Stay till end and don’t miss this important guide.

What are lyric posters in Resso?

Lyric posters are posters that feature words from song lyrics. They are often designed to reflect the mood of the song through visual elements such as colors, fonts, and images. On Resso Music Application, there are many songs available on the app where you can see the lyric posters of the song. Reading the lyrics of the song while listening to them always makes the music more amusing and attractive.

How to Download Lyric Posters or Videos?

With Resso, you can easily download any lyric poster or video you want. The app has two simple methods to follow:

Method 1)

  • As you listen to the Resso music and read the lyrics, press and hold the lyric you want to save.
  • Then, you’ll see the “Edit Lyrics Quote” option select it
  • Finally, hit the “Download” button.
  • And your lyric poster will start downloading. Easy peasy!

Method 2)

This method is more easier than first method.

  • Click on the share button next to comments section while listening to the song.
  • Now, click on the “edit lyrics quote” option.
  • Simple press the download button.
  • That’s it.

How to Share Lyric Posters or Videos?

Similarly, you can also share your favorite lyric posters or videos on this amazing music platform using two methods:

Method 1)

  • Click on the lyrics that you want to share and hold it for a second.
  • Then, press the “Edit Lyrics Quote” option.
  • Click on the share button.
  • Now, you can see the link, copy it and share it on any social media handle you want.

Method 2)

  • Press the share button located beside comments button.
  • Tap on “Edit lyrics quote” button.
  • Hit the share option.
  • Get your link and share on any platform like Whatsapp chat, messenger chat, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, or many others.


No, sharing and download lyrics posters option is exclusively available to Premium Resso users.

Right now, the app does not support sharing and downloading lyric posters for some songs. However, you can contact the system support via feedback tab and let them know about the songs you want lyrical video sharing.


It is very easy to share and download lyric posters or videos with Resso Music App. Just tap and hold the lyric poster you want to download or share and follow some easy prompts to get it done. Above, you also read the two methods for sharing and downloading process. We hope the provided information seemed to be valuable for you. Stay tuned to us because we keep on sharing amazing information regarding Resso Music Application.

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