How to Report and block explicit content On Resso Music Application?

How to Report and block explicit content On Resso Music Application (1)

If you have encountered any improper Song or Explicit Content on Resso Music Application which promotes negative, offensive or abusive language, you can easily report that song using three dot menu at top right corner of the song. Resso users have the authority to report any kind of song which shows gender discrimination or promotes violence.

Do you know what an ‘improper song or explicit content’ is? This article is here to help you understand. Plus, we’ll tell you how to report it on Resso if you come across it.

What is Improper Song/Explicit Content?

Improper song is a term used to describe a song that contains explicit or offensive language. Examples of improper songs include rap and hip-hop songs, which often contain explicit language.

Explicit Content can also contain offensive or inappropriate messages about gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. For example, some songs contain lyrics that are derogatory or demeaning towards women. Others contain lyrics that make light of violence or discrimination. In some cases, these songs can be seen as promoting dangerous or harmful behaviors. In other cases, they simply reinforce negative stereotypes.

In some cases, improper songs or explicit content may even be seen as encouraging criminal behavior. For instance, some rap and hip-hop songs contain lyrics that glorify drug use, gang activity, and violence. These types of songs can have a negative impact on listeners, encouraging them to engage in dangerous and illegal activities.

How to Report an Improper Song on Resso?

If you have stumbled upon any content that does not meet your standards, you can take action right away. Simply head over to the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the song tab and select the ‘Report’ option to let us know the reason. An alternative to this is to hide the song or artist by visiting the same three-dot menu and selecting ‘Hide’.

How to Block Explicit Content?

Do not want to be exposed to any explicit material? Not a problem! Follow these steps to block out this content:

  • Go to your Me tab and locate the Settings icon at the top right corner.
  • Tap on ‘Explicit Content’
  • Activate ‘Block Explicit Content’

That’s it! Now you can enjoy your time without worrying about any explicit content.


Improper song or explicit content can be seen as offensive or inappropriate and can have a negative impact on listeners. Fortunately, Resso Music Application provides users with the ability to report any improper content they come across, as well as the ability to block explicit content.

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