How To Show Lyrics On Resso?

How To Show Lyrics On Resso?

Do you know, now it is possible to read the lyrics of your favorite song while listening to it? Resso is an online music app with advanced features such as streaming online music, creating playlists, and connecting with other music lovers. 

The Resso app also has been launched with this advanced feature, now you can display a particular song’s lyrics on the screen; however, you may wonder how to show lyrics on Resso. Fret not; we will tell you how in this guide.

How to Show Lyrics on Resso? [Complete Guide]

Resso is a perfect app for music lovers through which you can enjoy your favourite music of all time, and it also allows you to see the lyrics of the playing song. Please follow the given steps:

  • Open this Resso app and sign in.
  • Once you log in, find a song of your choice.
  • You will find a music player at the bottom when a song begins. Click on the “Lyrics” at the right-hand bottom corner.
  • Then the lyrics of the playing song will show on the screen word by word. You can also scroll up and down to see all the lyrics.
  • If you want to stop the feature, click the “Lyrics” icon again.

Note: One thing to remember is that it is not guaranteed that the lyrics of all the songs will be available; if you cannot see the lyrics of a particular theme, then it might not be available. But you can request the Resso team for vocals or see lyrics on the back screen.


Resso is an online music streaming app that allows you to enjoy your favourite songs anytime. You can also prioritise your favourite songs by creating a playlist.

To request lyrics on Resso, just go to the “Lyrics” icon, click on the “Request Lyrics” option, type your review, and then click on the “Submit’ option. This way, you can request lyrics from the Resso team.

Users don’t need to read lyrics; some like reading or singing with the playing song.


In this guide, you will find the method of “how to show lyrics on Resso.” Resso is an online app that provides different advanced music listening features. The Resso app allows its users to read the lyrics while playing the song, which is an easy way to understand that particular song’s lyrics deeply. The method to see lyrics on the Resso app is given above with steps; follow it and enjoy your musical journey on Resso.

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