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Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the limited capabilities of the Resso app? If you’re seeking a more dynamic music experience, then check out the Resso mod APK version.

If you are searching for music player applications, then don’t miss the Resso Mod Apk. It is the best application of the present time and is very popular all across the world. Here, you can enjoy everything because it provides you with music of different categories and styles.

Plus, it provides users with the ability to read lyrics along with listening to them. So, get ready to engage yourself in the world of entertainment and enjoy high-quality music streaming on your Android phone.

Resso Premium Mod APK

The Resso Premium Mod APK is the modified version of the official music streaming applications with more enhanced services and restrictions-free working strains. The app provides free premium access to all the VIP features without any charges, but all for free.

Enjoy exclusive rock songs, unlimited lyrics, and lots of broadcasts, along with the world`s most desired podcast channels on Resso mod APK. Also, there is nothing like functional compromise, popping-up ads, or videos in the latest version of Resso Premium MOD Apk. Still, it is a fully smooth experience with no unwanted interruptions.

In addition to this, a strong measure for safety is taken by the developers in Resso premium Mod APK that allows the users to enjoy all the Bollywood, Hollywood, and other popular songs without any safety concerns. Likewise, strong anti-malware units are also allocated for error-free working.

Now, everyone can get quality entertainment time through the app without any distractions. Plus, you can enjoy the services of this audio player free of charge. Is it amazing or not?

Furthermore, this free music player app enables users to enjoy high-quality streaming without loading, lagging, or any other issues. We have updated and improved the modified app, and now it works well.

However, the latest app consumes very little space on your Android phone because it is designed lightly. So, if you have low space storage on your smartphone, then it’s not a big deal because it can be accessed even with less space storage.

App Name





Moon Video Inc.


Android 5.0


107 MB

resso mod apk your music partner

Moreover, the Resso Mod Apk is the modified version of the original, where you can get rid of ads without paying money or subscription fees. This is because all the pop-ups and video ads have been removed from the latest version, and a great user interface has been added to it.

What is Resso Apk? (Overview)

If you are a music lover and want to access a huge music library for free, then download the Resso premium mod app on your Android device. It is a mega music streaming platform with VIP songs and Resso special offers that provide unlimited fun and entertainment to its users, especially music enthusiasts people.

The user interface is friendly and intuitive and makes it easy to understand for all its users. Likewise, all the icons are fully optimized, which allows the users to access all music channels and the latest and old songs with clicks.

Moreover, the Resso app is available in multiple languages so that users can enjoy live music streaming in their native language. They find their favorite hip-hop music, classical music, country music, or rock and roll music in dubbed lingo and enjoy them with subtitles. Likewise, all Indonesian and Brazilian songs are available, along with Indian native songs.

All in all, it is an accessible app for live streaming all the latest and old songs, along with a wide collection of radio channels. You can get all-in-one with the professionally modded Resso Premium app.

You can also interact with a huge music community by sharing your impressions on certain music tracks or playlists on this Resso music streaming app. So, download the Resso Premium Mod Apk VIP unlocked and bring a free music streaming app for yourself on your Android device at zero cost.

Owner of Resso App

The original version of the Resso Premium Mod APK was given by ByteDance in 2020. It has all the valuable facets, assets, and mods to get the users fully entertained in their daily tough schedules and boring routines and forget about other life concerns. It is an esthetically enhanced social streaming app that amuses people with its work and allows them to share lyrics on other social media platforms.

Resso Mod Apk Premium Features

The Resso premium mod app comes with unlimited pro pack modded features to give the users a stable entertainment streamer at heightened probability.

Resso Mod Apk Premium Feature

It is also adroitly tested by the developers so users can enjoy it confidently without any safety concerns. In addition to this, the following modded features are allocated in this Resso Premium App.

Offline Listening

In addition to the highly defined music quality, the Resso mod app also offers an offline listening feature so that users can enjoy their favorite music content anytime, even when they are not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi. So, get the modified app on your device and enjoy listening to your favorite tracks and songs offline.

Offline Listening

On-Demand Listening

If you want to enjoy limitless on-demand streaming content, then the Resso premium mod app will be the best request for this. It is a great music streaming application to satisfy your music craze with all the latest, old, and newly added content. Here, you can listen to your favorite songs and albums whenever you want without any restrictions on time. So, this is an amazing feature that the developer adds for uplifted fun.

Resso Mod Apk On Demand Listening

Resso Mod Apk Unlimited Skips

The Resso mod APK premium version allows the users to skip limitless songs when listening to a shuffled selection of songs. With this, you can skip the song that you dislike and choose the one that you want to play. Hence, it is the most convenient option as you can take full control over the music you listen to with it.

Resso Premium Mod APK Unlimited Skips Option

Ads Free

Another amazing feature of the Resso premium mod APK VIP unlocked is that it allows users to enjoy the most desirable streaming content without any distractions. These will give you the most pleasurable streaming experience with no frustrating ads. So, if you are someone who often faces popping-up ads while listening to music, this application comes in handy.

Excellent Audio Quality

In contrast to other apps, the Resso app provides high-quality audio to its users so that they can get fully satisfied entertainment shots with the Resso app. With excellent sound quality, you can enjoy your favorite content to the fullest and also maximize your listening experience through it. This feature is available for Resso Premium APK.

Excellent Audio Quality

Exclusive Frame

This free Android music app provides exclusive frames to its users so that they can give their account a unique and personalized touch flawlessly.

Sound Effects

The Resso mod app provides various sound effects for users’ convenience. You can choose from the bass booster, bass fit, and vocal booster to enhance your experience.

Bass Booster:

In the Resso music app, the bass booster is a built-in audio effect that allows users to adjust and increase the bass response to the music they are listening to. By activating the bass booster, you can experience a stronger bass presence in your audio playback, which can enhance the overall listening experience, especially for genres such as electronic, hip-hop, or dance music, where the bass plays a significant role.

Best Fit:

It aims to provide an optimal combination of enhanced vocals and boosted bass frequencies for the best listening experience.

Activating the “Best Fit Sound” option adjusts the sound effect option in a way that enhances both the vocals and the bass without overpowering one or the other. It aims to find a balance where the vocals are clear, prominent, and easy to distinguish. At the same time, the bass frequencies are boosted enough to add depth and impact to the overall sound without overwhelming the other elements of the music.

The specific adjustments made by the “Best Fit Sound” option may depend on various factors, such as the audio output device, the genre of the music being played, and potentially even the user’s listening preferences. The intention is to create a well-rounded and immersive audio experience where both the vocals and bass frequencies are optimized and complement each other effectively.

Vocal Booster:

In the Resso music app, a vocal booster is a feature designed to enhance the clarity and prominence of the vocals in a song. It is a specific audio effect that focuses on boosting the frequencies associated with human vocals, making them more distinct and noticeable in the overall mix.

When the vocal booster is activated, it selectively amplifies the mid-range and high-frequency components of the audio, which are typically where the vocals are most prominent. By boosting these frequencies, the vocals become more pronounced and stand out from the accompanying instruments and background music.

The purpose of the vocal booster is to improve the listening experience, particularly for those who enjoy paying attention to the lyrics and vocal performances in songs. It can be especially useful when listening to genres such as pop, rock, or ballads, where the vocals often carry the emotional core of the music.

By using the vocal booster in the Resso music app, you can enhance the clarity and impact of the vocals, allowing you to appreciate better and enjoy the vocal performances in the songs you’re listening to.

Sound Effects
Sound Effect Options

Free Features of Resso Mod APK

This music streaming app is sure to give you unlimited fun when you use but first, let’s dig into the fascinating features that make it more professional and unique. This app is also available for iOS users.

Create Vibes & Lyrics Quotes

Another amazing feature of the Resso Premium app is that you can create and personalize quotes according to your taste. For this, you have to select the lyrics you love most, and then you can easily change the font, add a background, and make a lot more changes to it. Hence, this is the most convenient app for creating lyrical quotes without any extra struggles.

Song Catch Of Resso Mod Apk

The “Song Catch” feature in the Resso mod app is a unique feature that allows users to identify and save songs that they hear in their daily lives. When you hear a song that you like, you can open the app and tap on the “Song Catch” icon. The app will then use the device’s microphone to listen to the song and identify it.

Once the song is identified, the user can save it to the app’s library for later listening or add it to one of their playlists. This feature is particularly useful for users who hear a song they like but don’t know the name or artist. Instead of trying to search for the song by guessing the lyrics or humming the melody, users can use the Song Catch feature to identify and save the song quickly. Free and Premium Resso both have this option.

Resso Mod APK Song Catch

Sync Lyrics

Resso Mod APK actually has a feature that allows users to enjoy songs with synchronized lyrics. It also enables you to sync up with friends and share your music on various social media platforms for more fun and enjoyment. Hence, it is a very unique application that will keep you entertained with amazing synchronizations and useful options.

Synchronized Lyrics

Floating Lyrics

In addition to listening to songs online, you can also see floating lyrics on the screen as the song plays.

Resso mod app offers a unique feature called “Floating Lyrics” that allows users to view song lyrics in real-time while listening to a track. When a user plays a song on Resso mod APK, they can enable the “Floating Lyrics” feature by tapping on the corresponding icon. The lyrics of the song will then appear in a floating window that moves with the song’s progress bar, providing users with synchronized lyrics as the song plays.

The “Floating Lyrics” feature is particularly useful for users who want to sing along to their favorite songs or who want to learn the lyrics to new songs. Additionally, the feature can also be customized to change the text size, color, and font, making it easier for users to read the lyrics while listening to the song.

Enjoy Lyrics On Lock Screen

The Resso premium mod APK allows users to enjoy lyrics on a locked screen. In this way, you can listen to your favorite lyrics and save your mobile`s battery, too.

Lyrics On Lock Screen
Lyrics On Lock Screen

Different Languages Songs

One of the best things about the Resso app is that it is made free from language barriers so that users can enjoy their favorite music content in their native language instead of being restricted to the original stated language. If you also want to enjoy the classical varieties with your preferred language, then you must try out Resso.

Different Languages Songs

Party Option (On-Off Option)

In Resso Mod Apk, users get access to the party option along with synchronized lyrics, a lock screen player, and other options that make it a rare application. It helps them in accessing musical flashlight, vibrate, or color strobe options within seconds. It’s a great asset for the users that will provide them with a great experience of music streaming. So, let’s get to know about the exciting party options in detail.

Party Option
party option

Musical Flashlight

This app is the right choice for those who want to access the musical flashlight option. For this, you just have to go to settings, tap on the party icon, and enable the musical flashlight by clicking on it. So, it is a great feature that will make your experience pleasant.


If you want to enable the vibrate option, then you can easily do so with just a click, as the Resso app also provides this feature to Android users. The vibration feature synchronizes with the music, providing a tactile sensation that enhances the listening experience.

Color Strobe

One of the greater reasons behind its widely spread appeal is the availability of this option. With this, the color of the music screen changes continuously, and a vibrant effect is produced.

Party Option

Sleep Timer

This is the most desired feature, which allows you to add a sleep timer to the Resso app. All you need to do is click on three dots on the top right corner of your playing music, and now you have to select the time like 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes, and then click on close. Now, the song will automatically be stopped in 10 minutes. So, this is how you can add a sleep timer without any problems.

Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer

Audio Quality

The application offers amazing audio quality to deliver a smooth listening experience to its users. Not only this, but also you can change the audio quality of your favorite music songs by using this app. For this, you need to go to settings and click the default audio quality option. Now, you can choose from three types of audio qualities that are mentioned below:

Audio Quality Option
Audio Quality


This is the very first and ever best option that comes with the Resso app and can be availed for free. So, you can switch to auto quality of your favorite music content without purchasing a subscription.


It is another superlative option of the Resso app that provides you with the best audio quality for free.


This is the most preferred audio quality option for music content access as it is the desired audio slot to access music content in high-quality audio effects. It is the best option that is available for free, but if you want to enjoy excellent-quality music content, then you can access that option too by purchasing a membership.

Lock Screen Player

This is probably the best music streaming application on the internet because it supports songs even if your smartphone screen is locked. So, get the Resso app on your Android and enjoy listening to your favorite tracks when your smartphone is not in use.

Lock Screen Player
Lock Screen Player


In addition to the lock screen player, the Resso mod APK also offers an adjustability slot so that users can adjust the volume of certain frequencies. It happens that most of the time, the equalizer does not work properly, or we face problems in boosting or lowering the bass. For this, Resso is offering an adjustability option so that you can adjust the bass and treble level without any problem and get into it with ease.


Storage Location

It is an advanced option of the app as it lets you change the storage location on your Resso app. For this, you have to tap on settings in the Resso app, then go to storage and select the location where you want to save your cache or downloaded folder in Resso.

Personalized Playlist

To bring all your favorite tracks together in Resso, you should have to create a new music playlist and put different songs into the well-organized categories for easy access. With this, you can revisit them anytime and freely get an enhanced experience of music. Moreover, you can change the icons of the music playlist and share it with others anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions.

User Interaction

Resso is the only music streaming app that allows users to express their thoughts with others on the internet. With this, you can share your opinions and see other people`s comments in the comment box section. Hence, it is an interesting feature of the app which will bring you closer to the world of music.

Resso Radio

Most music streaming apps don’t support users enjoying the content on the radio, but this is not the case with the Resso mod APK. It offers a fully supportive radio listening feature to its users so that they can listen to the radio and enjoy it a lot.

Favorite Artist and Album

If you are a music lover and want to see some songs of your favorite artists, then you must download Resso on your smartphone. It provides you access to thousands of music songs in the voice of your favorite musician to entertain you. So, feel free to make use of this app and get the most interesting listening experience of your favorite albums through this.

Huge Library

One of the greater reasons behind the popularity of the Resso mod apk is that it offers a wide collection of musical compositions with thousands of officially licensed songs. There, the users get access to high-quality music songs and enjoy the ultimate music experience for free. So, if you want to explore a huge music library, download the Resso mod app now!

Personalized Music

Resso’s personalized music feature is designed to help users discover new music that they might enjoy, as well as to create a more personalized listening experience. By tailoring the music to each user, Resso aims to create a more engaging and enjoyable music streaming experience.

The app also allows users to like and dislike songs, which helps to refine the personalized recommendations further. Over time, the app gets better at understanding the user’s tastes and preferences and is able to offer more accurate recommendations.

Resso will be your great music companion that ensures to give you fantastic, personalized music streaming services on your Android phone. Using the advanced algorithms of this streaming app, you can create a custom playlist of your favorite songs, albums, and genres. So, get a personalized music experience and enjoy the world of music with the Resso mod apk.

Duo Daily Mix

It is another thrilling feature of the Resso Premium Duo plan. With this option, two people can start listening to their favorite songs or playlists on their own devices. Each daily mix has its unique style and is updated regularly, so you can get a stable entertainment dose with a new bunch of music with a duo daily mix feature.

Listen Together
Listen Together

Voice Chat Option

Have you tried to chat with your friends on this app? In addition to supporting many songs, the app also provides a voice chat feature; if you are not familiar with this feature, then check out immediately.

Voice Chat Option

Some so many people are enjoying it and having unlimited fun with it. You can also do voice chat, make new friends, and create strong bonds with others through it. In particular, you can increase your followers with this astounding app.

View and Hide Artist

If you are using the Resso app, then you can easily view and hide artists from this app. Resso users can now gain access to this option for free without paying anything. So, if you want to benefit from these useful options, you must download Resso APK on your Android device.

View and Hide Album

Resso users can now easily hide their favorite songs in any playlist, album, or radio station. Also, they can view and unhide them later through the playlist. So, it is the most desired feature that has been added for user accessibility.

Report Song Option

Unlike other apps, Resso offers its users access to song-reporting options so that they can report any content that they dislike. There is also a fully supportive system to ensure a professionally mounted song reporting feature.

Recommendation List of Songs

Coming to this free audio player app, users will get music recommendations regularly. From those, click on your favorite song and enjoy listening to them conveniently.

That way, you can get the most engaging and entertaining music content of your favorite authors effortlessly without going to complex options. Plus, you can get memorable moments of fun and entertainment along with the ultimate music experience.

Resso Premium Mod Apk Old Version

Resso is an exclusive music streaming app that has gained popularity in the last couple of years. If you want to enjoy your favorite tunes on your Android device, then you must try out Resso.

The application provides songs of all categories and genres, including pop, hip-hop, rock, and more, to give its users a pro-pack hub of entertainment. Hence, there could be no match for the Resso app, but if you are looking to get an old version of the latest app, then we are also providing the Resso Premium Old Version on our website.

Resso Premium Mod APK Pros and Cons

Undoubtedly, Resso is the world`s best music streaming platform. It offers the best streaming experience to music lovers through its versatile pros or advantages, which are briefly described in this article. Let’s look at these advantages in detail.

Resso Mod Apk Pros

  • Extended music content with multi-lingual support
  • Download option available to enjoy offline listening
  • Lags-free and ever-fast working are maintained
  • Music from different countries available like India, Brazil, and more
  • Advertisement blockage for a smooth streaming experience
  • Voice chat option along with multiple channel access

Resso Mod Apk Cons

  • Some of its plans are costly
  • There are many songs with average audio quality
  • Currently available for India, Brazil, and Indonesia only

Subscription Plans

The latest version of the Resso premium APK application offers multiple subscription plans to its users from which they can choose the one that suits their needs. These plans are varied on different duration bases with monthly and yearly packages. There are student and family plans along with individual monthly plans. So, let’s get to know about the Resso premium apk subscription plans in short detail.

Individually Monthly Plan

The individual monthly plan is the most demanded plan of the app, with various specifications and facets. The main reason behind its popularity is that it provides all the VIP premium content without any limitations. It is also a great choice for those who want to enjoy premium features without sharing. This plan works great with all Android systems and contains the following attributes:

Individual Monthly Plan
Individual Monthly Plan


  • High-quality audio streaming
  • Ad-free listening
  • Successful subscription plan


  • Specified for a single user only

Family Plan

Another preferred subscription plan that comes in between individual and student plans is the family plan, which is more popular than these plans due to its fully paved working and functionality. It is the most desired subscription plan that allows you to purchase a premium subscription for all family members and enjoy it for an unlimited time. In addition to this, the plan contains the following benefits:

Family Plan
Family Plan


  • Massive music content availability
  • Unlimited skips
  • Six accounts can be logged in


  • Costs higher than the student plan

Student Plan

This is the perfect plan for those who want to enjoy all the excellent services of the Resso app with a discount. The feature allows you to buy subscriptions for you with a 50% discount and enjoy high-quality music without any problems. In addition, the following attributes come with this plan.

Student Plan
Student Plan


  • Support offline listening
  • On-demand listening
  • High-quality music


  • College students only

Difference Between Free and Premium Plans

Free Plan

  • Skip songs option is not available with the free plan
  • A huge music library with few limitations
  • Popping-up ads will disappear with free plans
  • No subscription is required to access the excellent features
  • Enjoy songs of high quality

Premium Plan

  • Unlimited skip songs option
  • All type of content is available without restrictions
  • Listen to audio songs without ads distraction
  • Require subscription to access premium content
  • Enjoy offline listening to your favorite music
  • Play songs on demand
  • Excellent sound quality

Resso Premium Mod Apk Android requirements

There are no hard and tough requirements to run the modified Resso premium mod APK on your Android device, but a few essential steps need to be taken to enjoy the latest music streaming application. Below are the official requirements for the Resso MOD app.

  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Storage of 120 MBs
  • Android 5.0 and Up

How to Download and Install Resso Premium MOD Apk

If you don’t know how to download the modified Resso Premium Mod Apk application, then don’t panic because here in this article, you will get a comprehensive guide about the downloading procedure. It is very easy to download the latest app with simple and fully paved steps that are briefly mentioned in this article. So, let download the Resso Premium unlocked without any struggles by following the simple steps that are as follows:

Download Procedure

  • Click on the given download button link.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the file has been downloaded.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, follow the installation below procedure.

Installation Process

In addition to the download guide, we are also providing a step-by-step guide about installation procedures to help the users. These steps are very simple and easy to follow so that you can access the modified app with heightened proficiency. So, let’s get started with the installation guide to access the modded app.

  • Make sure the resso mod apk app is successfully downloaded into your device
  • you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to your device’s Settings and then to Security. Scroll down and enable the “Unknown sources” option.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process. You may be prompted to allow certain permissions, such as access to your device’s storage or camera. Review the permissions carefully before granting access.


By clicking the given download button on our website you can get a wide range of premium content absolutely free without any payment methods.

For this, you have to download your favorite music from the ever-growing library of Resso`s songs and save them to your device to play offline.

There is not much space required to download the Resso streaming app on your device but with 69 MBs of total space, you can easily run it on your android.

No, there is no harm if you update the latest Resso premium mod apk via Apk file by using a secure and professional third-party source like our website.

The premium features include on-demand listening, offline listening, no ads, unlimited skips, and much more.

Of course, you can enjoy music streaming services without facing popping-up ads or videos with the modified Resso Premium Mod Apk.

Final Verdict

The Resso premium mod apk is a free-of-cost and fully optimized music streaming app by ByteDance with fifty million downloads and an effective rating of 4.4 on the Google play store.  The latest app is counted as the most popular streaming app due to its advanced functions and working units. It is filled with all the trendiest and oldest music songs to provide users with a stable entertainment streamer at heightened proficiency.


To conclude, the Resso premium mod apk is worthy to be suggested as it is the best spare interval companion that successfully enables users to get out of daily tough schedules and bring some enjoyment into life. It allows the users to learn lots of musical skills while listening online or offline. With quite smooth interface, storage-friendly features, and highly professional working mechanics this modded app is winning the hearts of people that are increasing day by day. So, download the Resso premium mod apk and enjoy your favorite music tracks on your android device for free!

Final Verdict

The Resso premium mod apk is a free-of-cost and fully optimized music streaming app by ByteDance with fifty million downloads and an effective rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store.  The latest app is counted as the most popular streaming app due to its advanced functions and working units. It is filled with all the trendiest and oldest music songs to provide users with a stable entertainment streamer at heightened proficiency.


To conclude, the Resso premium mod apk is worthy to be suggested as it is the best spare interval companion that successfully enables users to get out of daily tough schedules and bring some enjoyment into life. It allows the users to learn lots of musical skills while listening online or offline. With a quite smooth interface, storage-friendly features, and highly professional working mechanics, this modded app is winning the hearts of people that are increasing day by day. So, download the Resso premium mod apk and enjoy your favorite music tracks on your Android device for free!

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