Resso VS Apple Music

Resso Vs Apple Music

In the world of music streaming apps, there are many music streaming platforms available for users across the world. It can become very difficult to choose from a variety of different apps. While all these apps offer various kinds of services and contain a diverse range of music in their music library, there are some key features which distinguish them from each other. This allows users to choose music streaming apps according to their preferences and choices.

In this article, we will be looking at some key differences in two most popular music streaming apps Resso and Apple Music. Both these apps are loved by their users due to their unique services. You can read the article to understand the features and the key differences to become well informed about which app to download and use.

User Interface and Experience

The user interface can enhance the user experience if it is well situated with the preferences of the users. When it comes to the user interface of Resso, it has a more colorful look with more emphasis on its socializing aspects. This media style interface can allow users to like, comment and share songs with their friends in Resso. The display is visually appealing with album art features on the screen. Apple Music, on the other hand, has a very neat and simple aesthetic display. The layout is consistent throughout all the devices. It also has easy to use controls, focusing more on album art and playlists. You can also read in depth comparison of Resso and Soundcloud.

Music Library

The music library of both these apps is very vast and contains a variety of different genres of music. The key aspect in which both these apps differ in terms of music library is the quantity of the music present in each app.

Resso has a music library consisting of 70 million songs which is very vast as compared to other music streaming apps. Different genres of music can be found in it including all kinds of eastern and western music from all around the world. Resso focuses more on mainstream music, allowing users to get access to the most popular artists and their music.

Apple Music, on the other hand, has about 75 million songs in its music library, making it much larger than the music library of Resso. This music streaming service also has different kinds of music genres and additionally also has exclusive content in it.

Compatibility with Devices

The compatibility of music streaming apps with the user’s device is a key difference between different apps. Resso and Apple Music may have similar features but they differ when it comes to device compatibility.

Resso is easily accessible using Android and iOS devices to access songs and discover new artists. It can be used from laptop and desktop Windows by browsing it from the web.

Apple Music, however, is available exclusively on all Apple Devices including iPhones, iPads, Mac and Apple Watches. If you’re an Android user, it may be better to prefer Resso over Apple Music to get a seamless music experience.


Pricing can be a crucial aspect of any music streaming app since it allows users to get access to different premium features. Both Resso and Apple Music have free and paid versions which vary with their available features. Resso has a premium version for $0.72 per month. It also has a family plan for up to six accounts for $2.19 per month. On the other hand, Apple music provides individual plans for $5.99 and family plans for $16.99. One key difference in Apple Music is that it offers student discounts which are not present in Resso. Also read, how to change name username and bio in Resso app?

Free Trial Period

The free trial period for premium features are available in both Resso and Apple Music. Resso offers a premium subscription free trial for 14 days where users can access all the features for free such as Ad-free listening experience, unlimited skips and high-quality audios.

Apple Music provides a longer free trial period for its users where users can enjoy a free trial for premium subscription for up to 6 months. The users can have more time to test the service and enjoy the exclusive content.

Audio Quality

Resso and Apple Music both have a very fine audio quality. The audio quality of Resso is available in two different options Normal and High audio quality streaming at 128 and 256kbps. Apple Music, in contrast to Resso, has a wide range of audio quality options including Dolby Atmos and CD-quality audio. Both the apps have advanced codecs for music streaming.

Music Discovery

Resso and Apple Music have a very advanced Music Discovery feature. In Resso, you will find this characteristic to be very social and interactive. It has a unique feature that sets it apart from other apps. Resso has a ‘Vibes’ feature that allows users to get access to playlists depending on the user’s mood and in this way, users can create their own playlists as well. Another way of discovering music is the social feed in Resso where the users can look at what their friends are listening to and discover new music.

In the case of Apple Music, the music discovery feature is more curated. There is a section called ‘For You’ which will suggest users different playlists and albums depending on the user’s history and preferences. This gives a more tailored music experience for anyone who loves a personalized music playlist.


Resso and Apple Music are among the top music streaming apps and share quite many similar features such as pricing, interface and seamless music experience. When compared in other features, Apple Music and Resso have slight differences in some key features such as device availability and audio quality etc. To sum up, both the apps provide an excellent music experience in terms of their features but this completely relies on the preferences of users to decide which app suits them the best.

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