Resso VS Deezer

Resso Vs Deezer

Any admirer of music today cannot listen to music except without having a music streaming service on their device. Two popular apps being relied upon by music lovers for streaming music are Resso and Deezer. There are great similarities among these two apps, however, some stark differences set them apart, which can help you decide which app to prefer over the other based on your personal needs and desires.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some key differences in the features of Resso vs Deezer. If you’re still unsure and researching on which app to use according to what best suits your need, you’re at the right place. Read on and decide which music streaming app suits you!

User Interface and Experience

It is commonly known, and backed by research, that the user interface is the first and most important thing a user relies on to judge whether they can be comfortable in using the application or not,

Resso has a very interactive interface with the home screen showing recommended songs and music. This modern and creative interface has a major emphasis on the visual content rather than the audio content for users. The artist images, album image and video content are heavily prominent in Resso.

Deezer has a similar interactive interface that shows recently played tracks, recommended playlists, personalized recommendations, and search bar. Moreover, Users can access their profile that displays the user’s playlists, liked tracks, and followers. Whenever a song is playing, the player screen shows the song’s artwork, a slider for song seeking, and options to add the song to a playlist or share it with friends. Read also Resso vs Apple music

Resso Vs Deezer

Audio Quality

Resso provides high quality audio for its premium users for up to 320kbps streaming capability. This audio quality in the free version is reduced depending on the availability of internet strength. Resso also has a unique “Vibe mode”, in which users can choose from options such as “Sleep,” “Workout,” “Party,” and “Drive,” which adjust the audio quality to match the user’s activity. Resso has a more customizable equalizer, giving a wide range of frequency settings.

audio quality comparison

Deezer, also streams music in 320kbps for its premium subscribers, and 128kbps for its free users. Additionally, Deezer offers Hi-Fi streaming for audiophiles who want to listen to music in lossless quality, which is an even higher quality than what Resso offers.

Music Library

Resso has a huge collection of latest mainstream music from the most popular artists with around 70 million songs. Resso creates personalized recommendations and Daily Mix playlists are created for users by the app based on their history and preferences.

Deezer boasts a music catalog of over 73 million songs, making it one of the largest collections of music available on a streaming service, which also means Deezer has a slightly larger music catalog than Resso. Deezer’s catalog includes a larger selection of classical and jazz music, which may be appealing to users who are interested in those genres.

Device Compatibility

Both Deezer and Resso have apps and are easily accessible in Android and iOS and are free to download for all users. The users can access both platforms to listen to curated playlists and emerging artists through both of these apps. Users can access both of these on their respective websites too. You can also read how to change your name, username and bio in Resso app?

However, when it comes to desktop availability, Deezer can be accessed using both Mac and Windows desktop applications on computers. The applications feature a clean user interface with easy access to all functions. Resso, also, does have desktop app for users.

Music Discovery

Resso allows users to discover new music by recommending new songs and music based on the user’s history and music preferences. The curated playlist also gets updated regularly. Users can easily select the playlist based on the genres and moods.

A unique feature of Deezer, however, is its “Flow” feature, that generates a personalized playlist based on the user’s listening history. Additionally, Deezer’s home screen itself includes personalized recommendations based on the user’s listening history.


Your choice of music streaming app eventually boils down to whether the application you are about to use is available in your country or not.

Resso is currently available in selected regions, and the team behind Resso is planning to include more countries in the future. If your country is not currently supported by Resso, it is still possible that it will be included in upcoming updates.

Deezer, on the other hand, is available in 180+ countries worldwide, giving it the upper hand in this parameter. The presence of Deezer in your country points towards the fact that your country’s music and popularity boards would be easily available on the Deezer app.

Live Feature

Resso does have a live Feature for streaming virtual events, a more advanced and dedicated live stream feature where artists can stream live performances with their followers and fans and users can interact with those attending the events in real-time. Deezer has no such live audio streaming feature.


The article portrayed the unique features, similarities, and differences between the two apps. While Resso has an innovative user interface encouraging socializing and live streaming option, Deezer has a wider music catalog and country coverage. Both of these apps have their specific pros and cons, and through this article, we hope that we could help you in your decision to choose the better music streaming app that suited your personal needs.

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