Resso Vs Pandora – Head-to-Head Comparison (Updated Guide)

Resso Vs Pandora

If you’re interested in music, you’re probably aware of the competition in the world of music streaming apps and services. You probably even came across many music apps and realized that each app has its own specifications and innovative features that sets it apart from the rest of the music apps. To choose the right app for you according to your preferences can be a hassle in such situations.

The extending world of music has many apps but two of them have caught the eyes of many music lovers worldwide. Resso and Pandora are two apps that have made their names due to their various features such as compatible pricing, unique services, huge music libraries etc. However, there are certain key features that set both the apps apart and create competition amongst music enthusiasts. So if you’re wondering which app could be the best according to your preferences, you’ve come to the perfect place.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the key features and make an in depth comparison of the similarities and differences in the services that both these apps provide. In the end, only users can decide the best app for themselves depending on their needs and preferences with the guidance of this article and make informed decisions.

Pricing and Plans

Both the popular music streaming apps provide different subscription plans.

In case of Pandora, there is only one subscription plan available to users. The cost for the premium version is 4.99$ per month which can allow users to listen to music without ads and create playlists.

There are 3 premium plans provided by Resso i.e. Individual, Student and Family plans. The cost for these plans are 1.45$, 0.72$ and 2.19$ per month respectively. The family plan can allow users to create 6 account for families and the students can enjoy discounted prices using the student plan. This can provide many options for users to select which fits best for them or their family.

Both the apps have affordable pricing for premium version but for those who want the premium version with a cheaper price should prefer Pandora over Resso due to its lower subscription than Resso. We have also compare Resso and Apple Music.

Free Premium Features Trial

Free Trial version can be an attractive feature of music streaming apps and services to users who love to try out new features but are reluctant to subscribe beforehand. The free trial version is present in both Resso and Pandora for their users to allow them to get access to premium features of the respective apps.

Resso provides a 30-day free trial for its users to get ad free listening and music streaming. However, according to Resso website, it does not provide 30 days free trial to its android users in India. The iOS users can enjoy a free 30-day trial period in India and will be charged in the second month. Pandora, on the other hand, has free trial for all users for up to 14 days which is lesser than that of Resso. After 14 days, the premium account will be shifted to normal account if payment is not done.

Even though the free trial period of Pandora premium is less than that of Resso, the price for premium features for Pandora is also cheaper and affordable.

Country Availability

Availability of the music streaming app can be an important aspect in choosing a suitable music app for users. Both Pandora and Resso have their specifications in this regard. Users will also have to consider the availability aspect to select a suitable music streaming app for themselves.

Resso is only available in few chosen countries i.e. India, Brazil and Indonesia. The music streaming service is hoped to increase and expand in the future to other countries as well.

Pandora, likewise, is only available for users in the US. This is due to the licensing restrictions and to protect copyright holders, the app is only available in the US.

User Interface

There are many certain features which makes the user interface of Resso more interactive than Pandora. Resso has a very interactive interface with main focus in the album art having bright color schemes. This modern and creative interface has a major emphasis on the visual content. The artist images, album image and video content is heavily prominent in Resso.

Pandora’s user interface is very minimalistic and clean. The screen shows your most recent stations and create new station. The top menu consists of all the options related to settings and profile. You can also read Resso vs Deezer.

Music Library

The music library of both these apps Resso and Pandora is very huge. The vast library of Resso is of about 50 million songs where users can explore and listen to different kinds of music. Pandora, however, has a much larger music library than Resso with over 70 million songs.

Resso, with less extensive library, does have songs with lyrics where the album displays over the screen while also showing lyrics alongside it. You can also easily mark your favourite lines by highlighting them.

Music Discovery

The music discovery on Resso is achieved using a special feature called Vibes which can be used to be users to select a specific mood and the app will, in turn, recommend songs and music which match with the selected mood. In contrast to this, Pandora features radio stations which can be used to select the preferred genre or singers and users can discover their new music and songs.

Social Features

The social feature of Resso is well known to be very great where users can interact with their friends, see what they’re listening to, and even react, like and comment on their favourite songs. This feature is limited in Pandora as it is not as advanced in social features as Resso.


Resso and Pandora are two most popular music streaming apps which are loved by users due to their amazing features. Both these apps offer excellent user interface with unique ways to discover music. Resso focuses on recommending music by mood while Pandora depends upon radio stations to provide music of specific genre. Both the apps have extensive music libraries with lots of genre to explore.

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