Resso VS SoundCloud – Which app has better Features in 2023?

Resso Vs Soundcloud

The world of music is expanding and the apps which allow users to stream music are also increasing in number. This has created a competitive market in the world of music by different music platforms to attract users by different features and experiences in the music streaming apps. The different apps have their distinguished characteristics that makes it stand out from other music apps. As a result, users can select an app as their favorite based on the desired features.

Two most popular apps for streaming music among users are Resso and SoundCloud. Both these apps have grown over time to become a favorite for everyone. While both apps have some amazing features such as a vast music library and interesting user interface, there are some key differences in these apps that set them apart from each other.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some key differences in the features of these music streaming apps. If you’re confused about which app to use according to what best suits your need, you’re at the right place! Needless to say, whether you’re a casual music listener or a music enthusiast, this article will assist you. Read the article to understand and decide which music streaming app you can use. Read also how to update your name, username and bio in Resso app?

User Interface and Experience

The user interface of any music streaming app is an important factor which determines the interest of the user in using the application.

Resso has a very interactive interface with main focus in the album art having bright color schemes. This modern and creative interface has a major emphasis on the visual content rather than the audio content for users. The artist images, album image and video content is heavily prominent in Resso.

SoundCloud, on the other hand, has a shifted emphasis towards the audio content for the users. This is a more traditional approach to access new music and listen to your favorite music.

Audio Quality

In terms of audio quality, both Resso and SoundCloud allow users to upload and stream high-quality audio. However, the actual audio quality that users experience may depend on several factors, such as the quality of the original recording, the device being used to listen to the music, and the quality of the internet connection.

SoundCloud can stream music for standard and high-quality options at 128kbps and 256 kbps respectively for an immersive listening experience. Resso, on the other hand, provides high quality audio for its premium users for up to 320kbps. This audio quality in the free version is reduced depending on the availability of internet strength.

Overall, in terms of audio quality, both Resso and SoundCloud offer high-quality streaming options, but the actual audio quality experienced by users may depend on several factors beyond the control of the platforms.

Music Library

One of the most important aspects of any music streaming app is its music library. The diversity of music available for users determines the interest of users for the music apps.

Resso has a huge collection of latest mainstream music from the most popular artists. SoundCloud, on the other hand, has a more diverse music library featuring many emerging artists and their songs. Since the content on SoundCloud is usually user generated, most of the tracks discovered in it are from lesser known artists. SoundCloud depends on its community to upload and share music. This is entirely different from the curation of Resso where personalized recommendations and Daily Mix playlists are created for users by the app based on their history and preferences.

Device Compatibility

Resso is accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices, and it can be obtained from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Additionally, the Resso website provides Windows and Mac computer users with access to the platform.

Similarly, SoundCloud is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The SoundCloud website also provides access to the platform for users on Windows and Mac computers.

In terms of compatibility with other devices, both Resso and SoundCloud can be streamed to smart speakers and other devices that support streaming services. For example, both Resso and SoundCloud can be streamed to devices that support Google Chromecast or Apple AirPlay. Overall, both Resso and SoundCloud are widely available on a variety of devices, making it easy for users to access their music libraries and playlists on the go or at home. You can check also how to change profile and cover photo in Resoo app?

Music Discovery

Both Resso and SoundCloud have an excellent aspect of Music Discovery for users to explore new kinds of music. There are some differences in the approaches between both these music platforms.

Resso allows users to discover new music by recommending new songs and music based on the user’s history and music preferences. The curated playlist also gets updated regularly. Users can easily select the playlist based on the genres and moods.

SoundCloud, however, has a more community-based feature for music Discovery. Therefore, Soundcloud has music from unknown artists and emerging artists for users to enjoy new songs. Users can also search for new songs using the search engine based on the genres and artists. They can filter songs by release dates, popularity and other specifications.

Social Interaction and Music Sharing

When it comes to social interaction and music sharing, Resso and SoundCloud offer different experiences for their users.

Resso is designed with social interaction in mind and provides users with a range of features to engage with their friends and followers. For example, users can add custom comments and emojis to songs and playlists, share their favorite tracks and playlists on social media platforms, and follow other users to discover new music. Additionally, Resso offers a feature called “vibes,” which allows users to post short videos related to songs or playlists, creating a more interactive and engaging experience.

SoundCloud, on the other hand, is well-known for its emphasis on music sharing, particularly among independent artists. This feature has made SoundCloud popular among emerging musicians, as it provides a platform for them to showcase their work and connect with a wider audience. SoundCloud also offers social features such as the ability to follow other users, repost tracks, and leave comments.

Overall, both Resso and SoundCloud offer social interaction and music sharing features, but with different focuses. Resso emphasizes social interaction with features such as custom comments and emojis and “vibes,” while SoundCloud is known for its music sharing capabilities, particularly among independent artists.

Live Feature

SoundCloud offers a more advanced and dedicated live stream feature where artists can stream live performances with their followers and fans. This feature is available in the Pro Unlimited version of the app. Resso does have a live Feature for streaming virtual events where users can interact with those attending the events, but it is not as advanced as SoundCloud.


Resso offers a freemium model, which means that users can access most of the platform’s features for free but with some limitations. For example, free users are limited in the number of song skips they can make per hour, and they also have to listen to advertisements. Resso also offers a premium subscription called Resso Premium, which unlocks additional features such as unlimited song skips, offline listening, and higher quality audio streaming. The subscription cost varies depending on the user’s location.

SoundCloud also offers a freemium model, where users can access most of the platform’s features for free, but with some limitations. For example, free users have limited upload time and cannot access all the platform’s tools for creators. SoundCloud also offers a premium subscription called SoundCloud Go, which unlocks additional features such as ad-free listening, offline listening, and access to exclusive content. The subscription cost varies depending on the user’s location.

Overall, both Resso and SoundCloud offer freemium models, where users can access most of the features for free, but with some limitations. Premium subscriptions are available on both platforms, providing access to extra features such as ad-free listening and offline listening. The price of these subscriptions differs based on the user’s geographical location.


Both the music streaming apps have unique features for the users. While Resso is more focused on mainstream content with a vibrant user interface, SoundCloud has a community like feature for discovering emerging artists. You can choose your favorite app depending on their pricing, social interaction and music library features.

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