Resso Vs YouTube Music

Resso Vs Youtube

Music Streaming Apps have made it possible, in this era, to listen to music at all times without any hindrances. Due to the advanced technology, you can browse through millions of songs in the music library of these apps and enjoy many unique features such apps offer. Some apps provide premium features with exclusive content for their users. The world of music streaming services is still expanding with millions of users around the world downloading different apps available to them. Each app provide a characteristic quality with their unique features and services which might not be available in their competitive apps.

Two such apps which will be compared in this article are Resso and YouTube Music. Both these music streaming apps have been downloaded by many users and loved by them. Both provide a wide range of music genre to choose from and listen to remixes, albums and playlists.

If you’re wondering which app is best for you depending on your personal preferences, you’re at the right place! Read the article to find out which all best suits your needs.

Pricing and Plans

YouTube Music Premium offers 3 plans for its users. The individual, student and family plan cost 9.99$, 14.99$ and 4.99$ per month respectively. This is similar to the 3 premium plans provided by Resso. The cost for individual plan in Resso is 1.45$ per month while student plan is offered at 0.72$ per month and family plans at 2.19$ per month. The family plan is a great feature in both apps which allow users to create 6 account for families. On the other hand, students can enjoy discounted prices using the student plan to stream music at an affordable rate. You can also read Resso vs Pandora.

Premium Features

The premium version of Resso and YouTube Music include ad free listening and unlimited skips. The users can download and listen offline in Resso. Both the apps also offer high quality audio in the premium version of the app.

The premium YouTube Music, however, includes background play and streaming music on it while using other apps too. Even if you turn off the screen of your phone, the music will still be playing. The offline feature is also available in YouTube Music Premium version for users to save tracks and play them offline.

The premium features are almost similar in both apps but YouTube Music provides background play and Resso has unlimited skips in their premium features.

Country Availability

Country availability plays an important role for users to select the best music streaming app for themselves. YouTube Music has been in the music industry for a while and is known worldwide for its amazing features and user interface. It is available in many countries all over the world and downloaded by thousands of users from around the world.

Resso, on the other hand, is recently released and has made its name in music streaming apps. However, it is only restricted in few countries such as India, Brazil and Indonesia. It is still expanding in different countries and is expected to be available worldwide soon as well.

Audio Quality

Both the music streaming apps offer a wide range of audio quality options which can be chosen according to the preferences of the users. YouTube Music streams music at low, normal and high qualities. The low audio quality is of 48kbps while the normal is at 128kbps. Both these are present in free version of the app. The premium version features high audio quality at 256kbps AAC bit rates. YouTube Music, however lacks Hi-Res audio.

The audio quality of Resso only features two options, standard and high quality. The standard quality setting will stream the music at 128kbps and is better for users with limited internet connection and speed. It can compromise on the audio quality as it uses limited data. The high quality audio streams at 256kbps which is clear and audible, allowing users to gain full experience of the music.

Social Features

The social features are an attraction for users in any music streaming apps. It allows users to connect with like minded people having the same taste in music. The social feature of YouTube is very limited. It allowes you go share your favourite music on social media apps. You can also see the subscribers of different artists on YouTube Music. It doesn’t do much other than providing music for users to listen.

Resso, on the other hand, provides a more community-like experience where users can interact with everyone by creating a profile and following other people on the app. Resso also has a feature called ‘Stories’ where you can share your ideas and perception about a song to connect with people around the world. The best feature is that you can see what other people are listening to and even comment and react on different songs.

Music Discovery

Some standout features in YouTube Music which is not available in Resso are it’s lyrics-based searches where you can use it to search a song with little known lyrics.

The location and time based playlists and song recommendations are also unique to YouTube Music where data from Google is used to provide a customized experience for its users.

Resso, in contrast, has a ‘Vibes’ feature that allows user to get access to playlists depending up on the user’s mood and in this way, users can create their own playlists as well. Another way of discovering music is the social feed in Resso where the users can look at what their friends are listening to and discover new music.


YouTube Music and Resso are among the most popular music streaming apps which are loved and downloaded by users all over the world. There are some key features which set them apart such as country availability, discovering music and special traits such as presence of videos in YouTube Music or ‘Vibes’ feature in Resso. Overall, both apps provide and excellent music listening experience but it is up to the user to select the best app depending on the preferences.

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