How to See and Clear Your Resso Music Listening History?

How to See and Clear Your Resso Music Listening History

If you are a music lover and enjoy listening to your favourite songs, then Resso is the best music streaming app for you. The Resso app provides a wide variety of music genres along with different advanced features. One of the superior features of the Resso app is it provides you with the history of your previously listened-to songs. 

Sometimes we play a random song, which gives us goosebumps, but unfortunately, we forget to add it to our playlist or mark our favourite. Later, as we opened the Resso app to listen to that song, we forgot the song’s title. In that case, this feature is beneficial.

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This app also lets you remove any individual song or clear the history of your previously listened songs and gives you complete control over your music journey. If you want to learn “How to See and Remove Your Resso Music Listening History”, you just need to follow a few steps. Read this article completely to get a step by step guide.

Why Your Resso Music History Could Help You to Create a Perfect Playlist?

Providing the history of previously listened songs is a perfect feature that can efficiently provide a list of your frequently played songs. This history could help you while creating your music playlist. By adding your favourite and most played tracks to the playlist, you don’t need to find your taste-relevant songs. This is a beneficial addition to the Resso app.

How to See and Clear Your Resso Music Listening History?

Below are the following steps:

  • Download and open the Resso app on your device.
  • Play any song in the Resso app
  • A “Me” option will be at the screen’s bottom. Click here.
  • Now, you will see the “History” option there and tap on it.
  • Your listening history on Resso will be displayed in front of your screen.
See and Clear Your Resso Music Listening History

To clear the listening history:

If you want to clear your listening history or remove individual songs, you just need to tap on the Clear “History option” displayed in the history section.


Resso is the best choice for music lovers as it entertains its users with a wide range of songs and advanced features. Its feature of keeping the old record of your listening songs through which users can easily find their favourite songs. 

This feature also helps users enlist their favourite songs to the playlist. Moreover, the Resso app provides complete control to its users so that they can remove the history of a particular track or even clear all the records. Following our instructions above, you can view your previously played music records. Go and download this app to discover your favourite songs.

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