Top Ten Music Apps

Top Ten Music App

Music can be a source to evoke emotions, teleport us to a different world and unite people. In the age of science and technology, music is easily accessible to us through various music apps.

With just a tip of our fingertips, you can discover all kinds of artists and their music, have access to an infinity library of songs, make customized playlists and so much more. Each music streaming app will have its own unique features and advantage over the other apps.

You will come across many music apps on the google play store app store but only a few will catch your eye. Here are top ten music apps that prove to have changed the way we appreciate and listen to music today because of their unique features and best services.

These ten apps are perfect for anyone and everyone irrespective of whether you’re a casual listener or a music enthusiast.


Resso has revolutionized the way we interact with music in our everyday lives. The app is designed to provide music according to your preferences and mood. The best feature of this app is the social networking function through which you can react and comment to songs in real time. As a result, you’re not just listening to music, you’re actually connecting with people worldwide! Other features also stand out such as live streaming, music videos, and live radio stations; the innovative ideas in Resso are limitless.



Soundcloud provides a platform where you can discover emerging music from talented artists all over the world. It creates a community where artists and fan can interact with each other through sharing, collaborating and remixing features.


You can now discover new music and stay upto date with music releases of your favourite artist—all through SoundCloud.


You can now have an unparalleled musical experience with Spotify’s unique features. With over 356 million active users, Spotify has become the music hub for people all over the world!

This app will personalize playlists for you based on your listening history, habits and preferences so that you’ll come across unique playlists each time you open Spotify.

Moreover, you can share and collaborate on music with your friends. Spotify also has a Discover Weekly and Release Radar feature which promises to keep you engaged for a very long time.


Pandora, in contrast to other music streaming apps, provides an exceptional listening experience based on its algorithmic stance on filtering the best music for you.

You can customize your radio stations so that you can access your preferred music genres. Pandora has been redefining the music streaming services ever since it launched in 2000.


IHeart is a comprehensive all in one music app that contains unlimited music fitting to your taste. Whether it’s traditional old radio, DJs, podcasts, you’ll find anything and everything in this app.

Moreover, you can interact with your friends by liking and commenting on what they’re listening—providing a community driven approach for you. With IHeart, you can explore new music, share it with your loved ones, and discover music lovers just like you.


Deezer is amongst the top ten music apps since it uses an AI based Flow Playlist to create a customized playlist suitable to your taste. Deezer has a vast collection of music ranging from old classics to new hip hop so you can have endless music streaming on your phone.

The app also has an offline mode allowing you to download your favourite music and listen on the go. Deezer is an immensely user friendly music app which combines innovation and creativity altogether to provide you the best musical experience.

7.Apple Music

Apple Music has remained a go-to destination for all music lovers of all genres. Apple Music not only has a vast library of music collection but is also innovative enough to provide recommendations and curated playlists according to your preferences.

You can also gain access to premium content from leading artists such as BTS footages, interviews and live performances. The best feature of Apple Music is its integration with Siri so you can manage your music with voice commands. You can connect your favourite songs with other Apple devices as well, proving itself to be a top music app.

8.Sirius XM

Sirius XM includes a diverse range of podcasts, live events and radio stations where you’ll hear about your favourite topics be it politics, sports or comedy. It unites all the music lovers with the diversity of music in its collection and the algorithm to make recommendations to what best fits you. Moreover, Sirius XM also has exclusive content for its users to make them stay connected and up to date alongside all the entertainment.


Tidal includes very promising features that makes it into the top music apps. It provides premium content alongside its streaming services such as concerts and interviews with your favourite artists.

It has characteristic features like Tidal X where exclusive content can be shared by artists and Tidal Rising to showcase up and coming artists. Tidal is the best platform to discover new music and find people with the same music taste as you.

10.Amazon Music

Amazon Music has some of the most notable features in the world of music streaming services. Not only it creates personalised playlists, it also has a very remarkable music collection with diverse genres.

The friendly interface of the app makes it easy for users to go through the different categories in the app such as top songs, playlists, new releases etc. The high quality audio of this app is something you cannot find in other music apps. If you’re a music enthusiast, Amazon Music might just be the perfect platform for you!


In conclusion, the world of music is expanding and so are the options for music streaming apps. We picked the best music apps based on their uniqueness and user-friendly interfaces, making them the perfect platform to discover and share music. You can download any of these top music apps and start exploring your musical interests from vast music collection of all genres.

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